TANDEM Stencil (Select Stitch Pattern #1 - #8)

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The Tandem Stencil is designed for Mindful Makers who love geometric designs and want to use responsibly made tools and supplies.

Each stencil can be used to draw stitch patterns on Tandem Cloth Patches or any other textile. 

Mix and match Cloth Patch graphics and stitch patterns in any combination you want!

The stencil size matches the 4" Tandem Cloth Patch and the translucent material allows you to easily align the pattern to the textile below.

Each pattern is repeatable and can be transferred to any size textile.

This standard weight stencil is more durable than the practice stencil included in each Sashiko Stitch Set and is intended for long term use.

  • Flexible acid free recyclable plastic
  • 4" x 4"
  • Made in USA
  • Sold individually
  • Eight different stitch patterns available
  • Also available as a set of 8 stencils in Tools + Supplies (see Stencil Set #1)